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    Architecture reflects the culture of the time, the background environment, the communal emotions, and the aesthetic values; it is one of the most inclusive spiritual embodiments. Good architecture is like a good piece of art and also a diverse cultural vessel. Architecture, culture and art are correlated, and are produced by people's lives and emotions; furthermore, the impacts and sentiments produced are then returned back to the people. How does the return take place? These kinds of considerations have induced our motive.

    In 2007, JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture came into formation under its architectural core. The intent is to use diverse architectural, artistic, and cultural perspectives to create better living spaces, and to promote art and expand cultural education. In order to further construct circumstances that are more ideal, the outreach is extended from minority regions to communal environments.

    The foundation, branching from its core architectural corporation, attempts to combine art, innovation and culture to create new creative energies. With the combined multifaceted perceptions from architects, artists, and people working for the betterment of the culture, different events are organized to kindle the public's attentions and thoughts, such as exhibitions, competitions, seminars, publications, etc…Through these interactions, our concerns and ideas for our surroundings are able to be solidified. The social functions of architectures, arts and cultures are able to cross-over into different fields to improve and execute aesthetics for our society. The powers of art and culture together with the foundation of architecture form an opportunity for profound interactions, and a platform is produced for steady and realistic developments.


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